Referring Doctors

Thank you for involving us in the care of your patients.


The referral process is streamlined and easy. All you need to do is send us the referral and our staff will contact the patient to arrange the appointment. Alternatively, you may just give the referral note to the patient and have them to contact us.


Urgent appointments can be accommodated at your request.


We accept referrals via:

  • Medical Objects
  • Argus
  • Letter
  • Fax

If you prefer to use pre-printed Referral Pads, please contact us on 07-5598 0574, and we will have the Pads delivered to your practice.



Useful information in Referrals for Open Access Endoscopy

  • Procedure requested e.g. Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy or both
  • Indication for procedure
  • Medical history (especially of coronary stents, prosthetic valves)
  • Medication & Allergy list
  • Is the patient on antiplatelets, anticoagulants or insulin
  • Any special needs e.g. wheelchair, hoist, inpatient bowel preparation*

*Only for Privately insured or DVA Gold Card. Specific criteria must be met.




1.    Clinic Consultation

2.    Endoscopy Services

a.    Gastroscopy

b.    Colonoscopy & polypectomy

c.    Pillcam (capsule) Endoscopy

d.    Dilatation of strictures in the upper GI tract#

e.    Upper and lower GI Stenting#

f.    Insertion of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tube#

                    #At John Flynn Hospital. May require post-procedure admission stay


 Thank you again for your support